UCSF CME: Hospitalist Mini-College 2018

All presentations are in Adobe Acrobat. If you have any questions about downloading the presentations please contact Donna Portillo. All rights reserved for the original authors. If a presentation doesn't appear on this site, permission was not given by the author or the presentation has not yet been received. Please check back for updates.

Building Diagnostic Acumen_ A Session on Clinical Reasoning by Gurpreet Dhaliwal
1 File

Critical Care Medicine in the ICU by Kristina Sullivan & Brian Daniel
51 Files

Dermatology for the Hospitalist by Lindy Fox
1 File

Hospital-based Neurology on the Wards by Andrew Josephson and Vanja Douglas
4 Files

Interpretation of Radiographic Studies by David Naeger
1 File

Palliative Care Communications Workshop by Kana McKee & Steven Pantilat
2 Files

Surgical Co-Management and Medical Consultation on the Wards by Quinn Cheng
2 Files

Use of Ultrasound and Enhancing Confidence in Performing Bedside Procedures and Central Lines, Thoracentesis, and Paracentesis by Andrew Lai and Trevor Jensen
12 Files


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