Course Syllabus

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The Course Program contains the agenda, descriptions of workshops and additional sessions, and general information.

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A printed Learning Passport is availabe for each attendee. This tool was created to help guide reflection during the course.

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Educating Physicians of the 21st Century
Catherine Lucey, MD

Integrating Learners into Complex Delivery Systems - Slides (pdf)
Niraj Sehgal, MD, MPH

Promoting Diversity in Academic Medicine: The Unique Role of Medical Educators - Slides (pdf)
Elena Fuentes-Afflick, MD, MPH

Workplace Learning and the Clinical Learning Environment: From Theory to Innovative Practice - Slides (pdf)
Robert B. Baron, MD, MS and Bridget C. O'Brien, PhD 

Competencies, Milestones, and EPA’s: How Can They Help Both Assessment and Learning - Slides (pdf)
Karen Hauer, MD, PhD 

Educational Scholarship, Where We Need to Go and How to Start - Slides (pdf)
Patricia O’Sullivan, EdD 

From Interprofessional Education to Interprofessional Collaboration: Meaningful IPE in the Workplace
Cynthia Chiarappa, MBA, FACHE, Ralph Gonzales, MD and Josette Rivera, MD  


Leading Change in Medical Education
Kevin H. Souza, MS and Brian S. Schwartz, MD

Program Evaluation: Tricks and Tips to Develop a Comprehensive Evaluation Plan
Arianne Teherani, PhD
Presentation (pdf)
Exercises (pdf)

Fostering Education, Community, and Innovation Through an Academy of Medical Educators
Ann Poncelet, MD
Presentation (pdf)

Innovative Health Professions Curriculum Design
John Davis, PhD, MD and Susan Masters, PhD
Handout (pdf)

Making the Invisible Visible: Teaching Clinical Reasoning Skills
Denise Connor, MD and Jeff Kohlwes MD, MPH
Presentation (pdf)
Handout (pdf)

Entrustable Professional Activities: a Framework to Guide Learning and Assessment across the Continuum of Medical Education
Daniel C. West, MD , Michele E. Long, MD and Duncan M. Henry, MD
Presentation (pdf)
Handout (pdf)

Coaching for Competency across the Curriculum
Karen Hauer, MD, PhD, Descartes Li, MD and Larissa Thomas, MD, MPH
Presentation (pdf)
Handout (pdf)

Can I Really Say That? Feedback and Privilege
Denise L. Davis, MD and Calvin Chou, MD, PhD

Bringing your Exam Questions to Bloom: Writing Effective Open-ended Questions to Test Higher-level Thinking
Marieke Kruidering, PhD and Sandrijn van Schaik, MD
Presentation (pdf)
Handouts and Exercises (pdf)

The Virtual Doctor’s Bag: Using #SocialMedia to Advance your Academic and Educational Missions
M. Chris Decker, MD and Marty Muntz, MD, FACP
Presentation (pdf)
Handouts (pdf)

Character, Competence and Caring in Medicine--How Do We Measure Up?
Alexandra Harrington, MD, Michael Lund, MD and Ryan Spellecy, PhD
Presentation (pdf)
Handout (pdf)

Creating a Road Map for Educational Scholarship
Patricia O’Sullivan, EdD
Presentation (pdf)
Handouts (pdf)

My Data are Words, Not Numbers? An Introduction to Qualitative Research in Health Professions Education
Rosalind de Lisser, NP and Bridget C. O’Brien, PhD
Presentation (pdf)
Bibliography (pdf)


Additional References for Sesssions (pdf)

Meet the Professor Sessions
The Master Adaptive Learner and Life Long Learning
William B. Cutrer, MD, MEd

There is nothing so practical as a good theory
Bridget O’Brien, PhD

Helping Learners Incorporate Feedback in Performance Improvement
José Franco, MD

Cognitive load theory: why and how to apply it to your practice as medical educator
Justin Sewell, MD

Hot Topic Sessions
Adding Well-being into Your Teaching
Jeff Fritz, PhD

Inclusive Leadership in Academic Medicine
Elizabeth (Libby) Ellinas, MD

Best Practices in Planning Interprofessional Education
Michael Lund, MD and Marty Muntz, MD

Show and Tell Mini Sessions
Better Handoffs, Safer Care
Glenn Rosenbluth, MD

Debriefing after a Professionalism Lapse: Tips for Teachers
Maria Wamsley, MD

Addressing Microaggressions in Everyday Teaching
Jyothi Marbin, MD

Integrate the Master Adaptive Learning Model in every day teaching
William B. Cutrer, MD, MEd

Podcasting to augment your lecture: Making the Most of 10 Minutes
Diane Wilke-Zemanovic, MS

Weaving Polling Questions into Your Didactics
Ryan Spellecy, PhD