Course Location

Holiday Inn Golden Gateway
1500 Van Ness Avenue | San Francisco, CA 94109
Hotel: (415) 441-4000 | Website:

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PLEASE NOTE: The $179/night hotel rate will be valid as long as rooms are available or until the hotel cut-off date of January 25, 2018. The nighly rate may be higher once the hotel block is full.

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Bay Area Trip Planner
Real-time transit trip planner that offers driving info (directions, traffic updates, tolls), various transit agencies and routes, bicycle routes, parking garage info (availability, hours, pricing) and commuter ridesharing pickup/dropoff locations and hours.

A car rental is not recommended because of the expensive cost and mental taxation of driving and parking in the city. The average cost per day for an economical car is $60, plus $4 per gallon of gas, and $50 for all day and overnight parking at most hotels or garages.

24-hour dispatches

Arrow Taxicab 415-648-3181

Delta Cab 415-920-9097

Luxor Cab Wheelchair accessible 415-282-4141

Yellow Cab includes Hybrid 415-333-3333 or 415-282-3737

Green Cab Hybrid, fuel-efficient vehicles 415-626-4733

Comfort Cab 7 passenger vans 415-641-1611

On-Demand Car Service by iPhone/Android Apps

Uber and Lyft are private SF-based Transportation Network companies facilitating mobile-phone application ridesharing. Uber and Lyft are accessible from SFO, OAK, SJC (only Uber) and throughout San Francisco and Oakland.