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Bike Fit Conference

August 14 - 15, 2015


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Friday, August 14

Curtis Cramblett

Steven Carre

Time Trial and Triathlon Fitting Basics: Going Deep
Chris Balser

Myths and Science of Cycling
John McDaniels

Aerodynamics and Fitting: Is Lower Faster? And Other Lessons from the Wind Tunnel Aerodynamics Research & Development Engineer
Chris Yu

The Fit Team: Fitter, Medical Service, and Sales
Craig Watson

Have‐to‐Haves vs Want‐to‐Haves Emerging Technology and Trends
Paraic McGlynn

Evidenced Based Practice For Evaluating & Fitting Cyclists
Brian Adams


Saturday, August 15

Fascia and the Interconnected System
Curtis Cramblett

Myofascial Assessment & Intervention
Chris Balser

Hip Handout 1 / / Handout 2
Greg Robidoux

Foot and Ankle: Off Bike Interventions
Brian Adams


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